LIEDER ALIVE! is re-invigorating the teaching, performance and appreciation of German Lieder—a major chapter of western classical music. Such a program, devoted exclusively to this most uniquely expressive and luminous of art forms, is ground-breaking in America.

Those who are dedicated to this important artistic genre—professionals from the United States and around the world—are offered the opportunity to both work intensively with internationally renowned musical artists, and perform this repertoire on a regular basis, in concert as well as in ongoing master classes. Our program offers frequent opportunities to experience Lieder in a chamber environment, performed by highly accomplished emerging and established professional singers and pianists. This intimate relationship of our patrons with our supremely gifted musical artists is keeping Lieder where it belongs—ALIVE!

As one of our most revered singing artists delightfully suggested, our goal is “Changing the world—one Lied at a time…”