• Composer-in-Residence Program

  • Composers participating in LIEDER ALIVE’s Composer-in-Residence program are first and foremost selected because of their interest in composing new work in the German Lieder tradition, and adding to the expanding Neue Lieder Songbook. In addition to regular coaching and a monthly stipend to support their creative efforts, composers-in-residence are provided with a platform for the premiering of these works (namely the Liederabend Series), access to LIEDER ALIVE contributing artists to perform them, and professional recording services to document them. In addition to compositional duties, the composer-in-residence is responsible for overseeing the Neue Lieder Commissioning Program, identifying works from other contemporary composers to add to the Neue Lieder Songbook, and developing educational programming for young composers.

    Kurt Erickson

    Composer Kurt Erickson was selected as LIEDER ALIVE!’s current composer-in-residence in July 2013. Mr. Erickson will compose songs for LIEDER ALIVE! contributing artists to perform in the upcoming LIEDER ALIVE Liederabend series. in February 2014, mezzo-soprano Kindra Scharich will premiere his settings of work by 18th Century German poet Eduard Mörike, and in June, bass Kirk Eichelberger will premiere a set of songs Mr. Erickson created especially for him. All performances will be professionally audio-taped, and LIEDER ALIVE! will release a recording of Neue Lieder in the coming years. Additionally, Mr. Erickson is in conversation with connections in the industry regarding publication of these works.

    Mr. Erickson will also be working with outstanding guest composers to be commissioned through the Neue Lieder Commissioning Program; the list of commissioned composers for the 2014-15 season includes David Conte, Erling Wold, Daron Hagen, Omari Tau, Michael Kaulkin, Liam Wade, and Henry Mollicone.

    Finally, Mr. Erickson will develop educational programming for young composers through a partnership with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The Conservatory currently has an annual art song competition for young composers, and by working with LIEDER ALIVE!, this program will be expanded to include a Lieder competition. Programming will include both group workshops and one-on-one coaching with Mr. Erickson for program participants, and will culminate in a professional public performance.