• The The San Francisco Examiner on January 24, 2015 featured a major article about our Neue Lieder composer, Michael Kaulkin. In the article, Mr. Kaulkin shares about his career, his inspirations, and the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff from whose works his compositions take flight.

photo of Napa Valley Register Guard article

• The Napa Valley Register Guard on March 12, 2014 featured a major article about our very own composer-in-residence, Kurt Erickson. As well as an impressive 40 year biography of the artist—beginning at age 4—the article also interviews Mr. Erickson about our Neue Lieder Commissioning Program and our Neue Lieder Songbook. In this delightful article, he shares about Lieder and how it feels to be our composer-in-residence.